Software’s for Mobile Device Management & Data Saving

Guest post by Katie Williams.

The need for a Mobile Device Management is higher than ever, with the IT services steadily increasing the use, mobile devices in the work place famously known as BYOD, “bring you own devices”. With the increase in the number of mobile users the necessity to manage the mobile has increased substantially, it is reached a point where the companies cannot risk not having a management for their working people’s mobile devices. Hence, the following are a few mobile device management devices which can utilise and manage the mobile devices and protect the confidential data.


Sofos mobile control:
The following are some of its important features and the functions it does in order to control the mobile device and protect the data.

  1. Only the devices compliant related to your policies have access to your corporate email and data
  2. Remotely locks or wipes a stolen device
  3. It reduces the burden of IT industry by providing them with the over-the-air management problems also self-potrayal of web by the user


Absolute Manage Mobile Device Management:

  1. It is now possible to configure your 3G and Wi-Fi as well as with just a wipe or lock
  2. It allows you remotely manage the Android, Apple devices in your deployment
  3. The product comes from Absolute Manage


Air Watch MDM:

  1. It enables organisations to work with the latest mobile devices which can be a very good MDM solution. It can manage every mobile asset irrespective of operating system (OS) or the network of location
  2. It provides functionality all over the world across all platforms and also it is available in one central console
  3. With this kind of technology, your enterprise gets the flexibility as required


Amtel Mobile Device Management:

  1. This is the integrated form of mobile security management. It is the first form of modular platform.
  2. The mobile management is structured in order to handle both corporate liable and BYOD types
  3. An advanced mobile system of security, where it can also manage the content


Box Tone MDM:

  1. It is the only Enterprise-Grade automated engine which was mainly made to create leverage for the already existent IT infrastructure
  2. It can provide security to every mobile device and application irrespective of the owner
  3. Mobile users can easily gain access to corporate info, apps, while IT security team gets full visibility via the dash board and control of the data


Good for Enterprise:
This mobile security system is so powerful that it brings a high grade security to confidential data also prevents end-end data loss which is also accompanied by many collaboration features to the very latest tablets and devices.


  1. The mobile security system is already built with security architecture which is adopted by many companies; this includes defence system as well.
  2. The security system helps in securing the enterprising companies for data loss of enterprise


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