Nuance Announces the Availability of Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Legal

Legal Organizations Can Reduce Documentation Turnaround Time and Transcription Costs with Fast and Accurate Legal-specific Speech Recognition Software.

Burlington, Mass. – October 9, 2014 – Nuance Communications, Inc. today announced the availability of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal – the fastest and most accurate speech recognition software for the PC that is designed with legal-specific vocabulary to help legal professionals, law firms and corporate legal departments be more efficient and productive, and save money.

dragon naturally speaking 13 legalWith Dragon, legal professionals can use their voice instead of the mouse and keyboard to complete an abundance of day-to-day documentation work and administrative tasks in less time, allowing them to dedicate more focus to their clients and cases. Legal professionals can simply speak to compose and edit material like contracts, briefs and court documents, write and send emails, and document client and case information.

Dragon 13 Legal also assists legal professionals with time-consuming, costly and inefficient transcription processes. Dragon offers an automatic single-speaker transcription feature, which stores dictation audio files with the transcribed document – allowing for easy review and editing, reducing the need for outside transcription services or freeing up more time for support staff to focus on higher-value tasks. Dragon 13 Legal’s built-in legal dictionary ensures that transcription starts out highly accurate.

Dragon 13 Legal can be easily installed in a corporate setting and deployed to an entire workforce. IT administrators can manage features, update specialized vocabularies and create custom commands to automate repetitive workflow processes for use by multiple legal professionals and support staff across an organization.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal’s newest features include:

  • Greater out-of-the-box accuracy and faster profile setup;
  • Support for microphones built into many of the latest computers – no headset required – for greater flexibility and convenience;
  • Voice commands and Full Text Control – direct dictation, editing and cursor movement – in popular web applications like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and in the Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers;
  • Modern, contemporary interface and helpful learning tutorials;
  • The ability to customize vocabularies for unique words or phrases for different legal specialties;

The English version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal is available for purchase via download for $799.99 on, as well as through Nuance’s global network of reseller partners, software retailers and professional sales organizations. Box copies are available for pre-order, with shipping commencing in October 2014.

For additional information on features, editions, pricing, upgrades and more, please click here.

Media information, images, box shots, and videos are available via the Dragon Press Kit.

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