All You Need to Know About Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to quickly speak and send your text or email messages.

dragon dictationDragon Dictation was designed by Nuance communications and was available in December 2009 as free software. Dragon dictation designed for iphone, ipad and ipod touch is voice recognition software. You need to understand it features and restrictions. The application offers a FAQ section, support and various website providing information on how to use the application.

The new Dragon Dictation software has added an entirely new, conversational design and the trendiest personal assistant features. It enables you to converse naturally to access a broad range of content, and it simplifies your everyday activities on your phone. Utilize your voice to create a call, to text, make appointments, look for local business or details, find directions, or update your social networks hands free! Dragon Dictation offers you the freedom to accomplish more, in more locations, than ever before.

To utilize the application, all that is required is switch the phone on and press the red button at the center of the screen. Then speak out your message. It enables you to say punctuation marks like coma, period or question mark. To begin new paragraphs just utter the word “new paragraph”.

The accuracy of the software is excellent. The software even recognizes your voice after a period of time to enhance accuracy. Nuance suggests that you shun allowing other individuals to apply the Dragon Dictation software using your iphone. The application avoids translating curse words. The app handles homonyms fairly well since it searches for clues in which additional words are frequently used.

It enables hands-free text input. This is ideal when you are extremely busy, Dragon Dictation will do the work for you! Internet connectivity is necessary for Dragon Dictation functionality. The actual text speech translation is done via the application communication with a nuance dragon speaking server.

In case of transcription errors, the application offers 3 simple ways to correct. The first step is to tap on the word you need to correct; a drop down list will appear with substitute suggestions. You can be able to correct a complete sentence by dragging your finger to select a few words. To manually modify, add or delete text, press the keyboard button located in the left corner of the software. After you complete transcription of your message, tap the ‘export’ button at the lower right corner. The transcript will be copied through your desired method, for instance, email, tweet or facebook.

Benefits of Dragon Dictation:

  • It is very easy to use and enables you to swiftly speak and immediately read your text or email messages.
  • It is 5 times quick compared to typing using a keyboard.
  • It is very effective when you are busy; you just need to turn talk into type mode using Dragon Dictation application.
  • It is possible to type short or long email messages.
  • It is incredibly accurate in all circumstances.
  • It provides a convenient technique to send a text message and emails.
  • It enables you to save context on ipad, iphone and ipod touch
  • With just a simple press you can forward the transcription to an e-mail.
  • It helps you to save time.

Download The Dragon Dictation app here.


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